Find Phenomenon Diabetes in Children

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Diabetes in children
EVERY parent wants good health for their children. Physically active and in good mental development is a dream for families. To maintain the health of the baby, parents are obliged preparing a healthy lifestyle, such as diet to physical activity for the growth and development of children, one of them to prevent them from attack diabetes.

Diagnosed with diabetes bears a startling and challenging experience, especially for children and families. However, children who suffer from diabetes should be able to immediately accept his condition and learned that they do not need to stop all activities in life, such as sports, school, and play.

dr. Aman Bhakti Pulungan, Sp.A (K) of the Organization of Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI), while the fourth session of the press circle series organized by PT Roche Indonesia, in FX Lifestyle Xa € ™ nter, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/11) suggests, "parents should inform their children about the condition of diabetes. Say it slowly with the child understood language."

Thus, diabetes in children, should the child will understand how their condition, and will ultimately reduce some types of foods and stay active as ever, said Dr. Aman in the event themed 'The phenomenon of Childhood Diabetes: Role of Blood Sugar Monitoring in the Prevention and control them'.

The role of parents is crucial to preventing diabetic conditions are more severe in children. With the knowledge of the parents, the child's condition will be identified to minimize the risk of diabetes.

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