Therapy foot care for diabetes

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foot care and diabetes..CAN say, not just diabetics taking the drug regularly and pay attention to diet accordingly. But do not underestimate the slightest injury, especially in the area of ​​leg injuries.

foot care for diabetes, Because of foot ulcers in diabetic patients can be fatal if not treated properly. Wounds can be a fatal problem, even referring to amputation.

Once you ensure cleanliness and humidity legs awake, other liabilities cutting the nails. Nails that are too long feared to be broken, and in the end make a small cut on your foot.

Diabetes can affect the nervous system, which makes some patients complain of numbness in the legs. Although this is not painful, but some time numbness in the legs can cause an uncomfortable feeling. To avoid this, the patient can perform a foot massage therapy once a week. It is intended for circulation.

foot care and diabetes, Besides can cause numbness in the legs, the condition is also sometimes affects people with diabetes to suffer from varicose veins and bleeding on the leg. For this one, diligent to clean and moisturize the feet. Make sure not to bend the legs after walking or running.

Provide protection to the feet is not excessive. This is intended to reduce the risk of injury slightest. Use socks and closed shoes when traveling. foot care and diabetes..Thus, the problem can be minimized legs and feet can be free from prolonged injuries.

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